The Trial by Franz Kafka

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The Trial (1925) | Written by: Franz Kafka

The Trial Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

What’s happenin mah well read ballas? This week we gettin red tapeup in that ASS with The Trial by Franz Kafka. Banker-man Joseph K. just turned 30 and now he chillin at the crib waitin’ fo some grub. S’all good til- KNOCK KNOCK. “Man dat BETTER be my foo-.” “Huh? Who this suit rollin up on my spot?” Apparently, this tight-ass dude representin da law and lay it on K-baby raw: “You under arrest, son.” “WHAAA?! What I even do?” But this cat and his boy keep their mouths shut and don’t give him no reason.

So deez haters take K next door where there be a ghetto-rigged court sesh goin down. Da top dawg inspector start runnin his mouth bout how K is in some deep shit, but he STILL don’t say why! Da hell? K walks for now, but this mess sho’ as hell ain’t over. Not even close. Later, word come from the law dat K gotta bust ass to court without tellin him what time, or the room number where all this goin down’. Afta’ sweatin his nuts off just tryna find this place, he finally get to an attic in a hood-ass building where da judge like “Boy you an hour and five minutes late!” Psh.

So K step up and rock the mic sayin this system is straight CROOKED, but nobody give a damn bout what he got to say. Later, K-baby on the grind when he hear somethin funky- “Aw hell no.. people best not be gettin freaky in MY bank- Uhhh..what da hell is goin on?”.
Apparently the suits who arrested K gettin whooped on cuz K ratted on them in court fo’ tryna’ boost his swag. K feel mad guilty, and wanna put a stop to this mess, but da whippin man aint backin’ down fo’ nothing. Brutha gotta do what he gotta do.

Then K’s uncle drop in and be all like “You takin this case seriously boy? Yo ass is on the LINE!” So K’s uncle introduces him to a lawyer named Huld and his BANGIN’ nurse Leni. Mmm-mmm-MMM YEAH! But Huld is completely fuckin useless. Brutha ain’t got a clue why K got the law up his ass and there ain’t nuthin he can do. And if dat aint cray ’nuff, the Chief Clerk of da court was just chillin in the shadows this whole damn time just diddlin himself o’ somethin.

As time go by, K keep hittin up his lawyer, but this shyster never do jack shit! Now K buggin so hard bout da case that a customer roll up at work and be like: “Psst bruh. You should talk to my boy Titorelli. He work up at the court so he know what’s what.” So K hit up Titorelli, who all like “Real talk. You’re basically fucked. They ain’t never gonna call you innocent so you might as well just bend over.”

Now K thinkin’ he gotta shake his punk-ass lawyer. So he swang over to the office where this raggedy dude named Block be chillin. Apparently, Block was ballin’ as a businessman back in the day, but since the law came down on his ass like they doin to K, he spent all his cheddar on legal defense and now he all cashed out on the struggle. When K try to break it off with Huld, da lawyer like “Not so fast, bruh. You walk away, and you ain’t gonna be nuthin but a dog like Block.”

Then the bank tell K he gotta show one of their big dawg clients round town. Dude say he wanna peep game at the cathedral, but when he a no show, K just check spot himself. Befo’ he but to leave, da priest holler and tell him he work for da court too. He try to explain K’s bunk-ass sitiation with a fable, but it don’t mean a damn thing to K.

A year go by since all this craziness first went down. On da night before K’s 31st birthday, two suits arrive at his crib. This time, though, K ain’t trippin bout it. Matta’ fact, K take the lead and they head to a quarry where K put his head a boulder. Then one of the suits shank him right in the heart and TWIST. K’s last words befo’ he take that long dirt nap: “Like a dog!”

Man this trap Joey-K livin’ in sho one crooked-ass place. Brutha ain’t got no rights, no voice, and no options- da law got his nuts in a vice and there ain’t nuthin he can do bout it. But da scurriest thang Kafka preachin is dat it don’t take a hardass thug puttin a glock to yo dome in order to take away yo dignity n’ freedom. Naw blood, up in this hood homies are broken down by a slow, orderly system dat’s designed to keep people in check even though it frontin’ like it all righteous.

Like check this- Even though K never do any time behind bars, it ain’t cuz things all good. Truth is, they don’t need to throw K in the slammer since erry-day in this society is like livin’ in the pen- “You have misunderstood me. You are under arrest, certainly, but that not need hinder you from going about your business. Nor will you be prevented from leading your ordinary life.”

Yuh, the man all the way up K’s ass for this whole book. But just cuz they the law sho as hell don’t mean they preachin justice. Matta fact, the “law” could be da most un-just thang you eva’ seen- but when you got people follow it blindly, and enforce it just cuz “it’s their job”- da fact dat it ain’t just don’t even matta’. Da law s’posed to protect yo’ rights. But up in here, it’s nuthin’ mo’ than a weapon to keep you scurred and in yo place. “Our officials… never go hunting for crime in the populace, but, as the Law decrees, are drawn toward the guilty and must then send out us warders. That is the Law. How could there be a mistake in that?”

It’s like K-money livin’ a totalitarian nightmare. Matta’ fact, Kafka style-game makin this whole novel feel like a tripped out dream. Fo example, when K up in court, he try chunk deuce outta there, but the magistrate just pop up in front of the door like he teleporting or something. Da hell? Or when he meeting with his lawyer, da Chief Clerk just appear in da corner of da room like he been creepin in da shadows this whole time. Da hell he doin over there? Thang is tho, a few years after Kafka was runnin the lit game, this shit wasn’t a dream no mo’. It ended up coming true. This whole society sound like some kinda totalitarian prophecy- all da fear and isolation deez whack-ass places used were hella-similar to Joseph K’s society- straight down to the threadz the po-lice wear.

And da most fucked up thing bout it ain’t da way they can break yo bones, but da way they can break you spirit. And that’s exactly the point. Evil ain’t gotta be some moustache twirling playa doin gangsta shit. Sometimes da gnarliest evil is a boring-ass bureaucracy that wears yo ass down day by day with bullshit rights and corrupt systems dat make yo life such a living hell dat you don’t even know what you fightin fo’ no mo. A society like dat can dehumanize you so much dat you just wanna be takin out back and put down. BAM- like a dog.

Yo thanks for kickin it with yo boy. Catch y’all next time. Peace!

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